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1. Lean Sustainment

2. Great Employee Engagement.

It is our belief that, lean philosophy is the vehicle to engender employee engagement first and generate performance benefit second. It is that very engagement that offers the sustainment proposition for lean philosophy.

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The Unleash & Engage Values


We believe that trust is the only true business currency from which everything else flows. Trust is built on character (honesty, transparency and fairness) and competence (being the best at what we do in every way).


We believe in treating people with dignity. Our colleagues, customers, neighbours and those we have not yet met, are people just like us.


We believe the power of collective working always produces a greater, more sustainable win - win result.

Experts In Lean & Employee Engagement:

Our Board of Directors

The company mission is simple: 'To Unleash and Engage the talent residing in us all. Growing individuals and organisations.' We are here to support and develop your business to ensure it fulfils its true potential, either through working with you on a consultancy level or through our specially created programmes.

Unleash & Engage founder, Mark Gregory, is an acclaimed Lean author and member of the Government Task Force for Employee Engagement. His experience is second-to-none, including a hugely successful career working with major corporations as a Senior Executive with Board level experience. Based in Japan, he became a Toyota trained Lean Expert, with expertise in Lean Strategy, Design, Techniques & Implementation. When Mark came back to the UK, he realised there was a huge gulf between companies aware of Lean and companies 'using sustained Lean philosophies and employee engagement effectively'. It was then that he realised his calling and so set up Unleash & Engage.

We believe we are unique because we offer expertise with a deep understanding of lean philosophy, employee engagement and how individuals change. Founded in 2013, our Mission is to "Unleash & Engage the talent residing in us all. Growing individuals and organisations".


Mark was joined in 2016 by fellow Director Greig Walker, an award-winning productivity Consultant, who is also a Toyota-trained Lean Expert. Greig has spent the past nine years as a Management Consultant, after 18 years in industry, with Toyota and Rolls-Royce, designing, implementing and running factories, an experience which taught Greig the importance and value of great leadership and engagement. One of his main strengths is his ability to simplify complicated subjects; making things accessible and transparent to both organisations and individuals.


In 2017, we were delighted to welcome John Kilner to the Unleash & Engage board. John, who was previously a PwC Consulting Director, is a respected and authentic business transformation specialist with deep operational excellence experience. He spent the first 9 years of his career at Nissan, including a 2-year secondment to Japan, followed by 17 years in consulting, firstly with KPMG and more latterly with PwC. Like Mark, John realised a long time ago that sustaining Lean based improvement has little to do with process and has spent the last 10 years successfully building and converting employee capability and engagement into organisational outcomes.

In mid-2017, we were delighted to welcome Alex Lewis, former HR Director at BAE Systems, who brings with him a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience that is going to be invaluable to us all. Before BAE Systems, Alex was previously HR Director at Airbus, following successful roles with Hewlett-Packard and Siemens. Alex has been involved in many change programmes within these blue-chip organisations during his career, and he clearly recognises that the attention given on the people and culture during a transformation journey is the key ingredient which makes the difference between significant and sustainable change, and a brief euphoric improvement that fizzles out and returns to the status quo. As well as engagement and cultural change, Alex is an expert in talent management, organisational design, restructuring and all elements of HR Strategy.

Unleash & Engage is a collective of highly experienced business transformation specialists. We have been working with major organisations to change their business, establish lasting Lean strategies and real employee engagement. Unleash & Engage have now built a huge reputation for proven success across many sectors.

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