“Unleash & Engage really helped us to unleash the potential in our great team.  The approach taken has received fantastic feedback, the teachers feel it’s theirs because it is.  This approach is different to how the archdiocese has previously worked with other consultancies and shall be the approach taken for all future work.

The time we had with Unleash & Engage was highly productive and most importantly we’re confident that the work we did together will be sustained by the considerable number of stakeholders we developed during the process and their belief and trust in the new framework. I would highly recommend Unleash & Engage.”

Tim Warren, Director of Education, Archdiocese of Liverpool Primary School Improvement Trust (ALPSIT).


The brief

The Archdiocese of Liverpool Primary School Improvement Trust (ALPSIT) wanted to support the development of teaching talent throughout their 185 primary schools, to increase teacher retention levels and develop more Head Teachers from within.


The starting point

Every Head Teacher and school worked in isolation, so teachers were being measured & developed very differently across the Archdiocese.

Identifying aspiring Head Teacher’s to take on new positions was difficult across the region with very few applications from within.


What we did

Inspired Head Teachers to join a working group to create a systematic, transparent framework to help develop employees at all levels.

Facilitated the working group to undertake a peer review to refine the framework and encourage contribution.

Supported Head Teachers to launch new Talent Development Framework to 185 primary schools and provide coaching support as the framework is implemented in schools.


The results

The Talent Development Framework is now in place for all Primary Schools in the Archdiocese and the working group are providing support and coaching to other Head Teachers to help them use it well.


The legacy

A way of nurturing talent at all levels is now available across the archdiocese providing a transparent path for all teachers to develop their careers both within a school and across the archdiocese.

Support, performance feedback and coaching are in place through the framework for those aspiring to become Head Teachers within the archdiocese.