Being involved in the expansion of Unleash & Engage into the United States is the realization of a long-held dream. As CEO, North America, it is an honor and a privilege to be working in a country that holds strong to the belief that anything is possible. And, as a native Brit, I am proud to have called this country my home for the past 10 years.

The culmination of my many years of experience as a senior manager across many sectors of global automotive OEM’s has fully prepared me for this exciting adventure. Importantly, this experience means that I have “walked in your shoes” and know first-hand the types of challenges faced by today’s business leaders.

For our future clients, the timing of our expansion presents significant opportunity. In the industrial sector, whilst unemployment is at a 50-year low, vehicle sales (a perennial indicator of a buoyant economy) are experiencing a significant downturn after years of continued growth. Similar trends can be seen across all sectors from manufacturing to the service industry. This “productivity gap” means business leaders face difficult decisions about how best to direct investment to protect future growth, improve competitive edge and manage risk.

At Unleash & Engage, we believe the true route to achieving sustained operational excellence is through great employee engagement, organizational development and lean sustainment. Our approach is different because it is predicated on the belief that sustained change comes as a result of that change being designed and built by those who participate in the new way of working. In other words, people protect what they build.

I look forward to collaborating with our future clients here in the US and can’t wait to see the tangible and sustainable results we can achieve by working together. It is not uncommon for our clients to reap a minimum of $3 reward for every $1 they spend with Unleash & Engage, and whilst many consultants promise change, how many actually deliver?

Over the course of a year, we worked with UK Building distribution giant Jewson to redesign their organisational system.  Starting with the Executive Team we reshaped their competitive strategy, focusing on a re-defined customer value proposition. 

With this new focus, we worked alongside front line leaders, functional experts and specialists from parent company, St Gobain, to design a comprehensive organisational system to deliver a market-leading customer experience.  This redesign aligned the structure, roles and capability of Jewson People, as well as the business’s policy and procedure, technology and infrastructure and most importantly the front line habits and behaviours; all in purpose of their strategy of customer intimacy.  We also worked with the leadership team to create a governance system through the business enabling them to prioritise key performance indicators that focused leadership attention from the boardroom to the local branches.  Through patiently engaging and involving a large group of colleagues, Jewson were able to pilot this new organisation design in four pilot ‘branch clusters’ allowing the design to be finally iterated in advance of a national roll out to their national local business network. 

Ed Smith, the Jewson Business Development Director, and programme lead said ‘Unleash & Engage have helped us to make clear strategic choices in our business strategy, and have worked with us to reshape our business in support of its delivery.  Their expertise in engagement has helped us reshape their habits, meaning that from large scale issues such as business structure to small but crucial habits such as customer greeting our whole business system is now operating with one purpose’

We are proud to have contributed to 6,000 Jewson colleagues focused on offering a superior experience for their local builder customers.