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Unleash & Engage is a global consultancy. We operate across the EMEA region from a UK office and across the USA from our Virginia office.

Working with Hyacinthe Parmentier

A powerful vision for parmentier:

Hyacinthe Parmentier, established in 1883, is recognised globally as the leading gourmet Sardine brand. Considered the King of the whole Sardine
market, the brand is known for its fabulous small yellow cans and has developed itself into a contemporary and relevant brand.

As one of the leading brands owned by MW Brands, Unleash & Engage worked closely with the Hyacinthe Parmentier Leadership Team to deliver a
a powerful vision for the future of the brand.

It was important that the company vision respected the heritage of the brand, the goals for the division and also aligned with the vision of the MW Brands group as a whole.

Design, develop & deliver:

Following the same approach used with MW Brands, we worked closely with the Hyacinthe Parmentier Leadership Team to design, develop and deliver a powerful vision for the Hyacinthe Parmentier division.

Using the Unleash & Engage ‘Visioning Framework’, we led the Executive Leadership Team through a unique vision development process which
generated a detailed image of the future of the group. This involved a detailed four-stage process; ‘Prepare, Develop, Create and Acquire’ to embed
the new vision across all functions as a key initial part of achieving Sustainable Operational Excellence.

We engage people on the purpose of the organisation, creating a compelling vision, so everyone can see what the future state means for them.

Greig Walker, Managing Director, Unleash & Engage