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Unleash & Engage is a global consultancy. We operate across the EMEA region from a UK office and across the USA from our Virginia office.

Reshaping Competitive Strategy

An excellent organisational system is behind market-leading customer experience

Over the course of a year, we worked with UK building distribution giant, Jewson, to redesign their organisational system. Initially working with the
Executive Team, we supported the leadership to reshape their competitive strategy, focusing on a re-defined customer value proposition. With this new focus, we worked alongside front line leaders, functional experts and specialists from parent company, St Gobain, to design a comprehensive
organisational system to deliver a market-leading customer experience.

Aligning habits & behaviours to achieve customer intimacy

The organisational redesign aligned the structure, roles and capability of the Jewson people, as well as the business’s policies and procedures,  technology and infrastructure. But most importantly, the front-line habits and behaviours, all in purpose of their strategy of customer intimacy.

The pilot before national roll-out

We also worked with the Leadership Team to create a governance system through the business, enabling them to prioritise key performance indicators
(KPIs) that focused leadership attention from the boardroom to the local branches.

Through patiently engaging and involving a large group of colleagues, Jewson was able to pilot this new organisation design in four pilot ‘branch clusters’, enabling the design to be finally iterated in advance of a national roll-out to their local business network.

Unleash & Engage have helped us to make clear strategic choices in our business strategy and have worked with us to reshape our business in support of its delivery. Their expertise in engagement has helped us reshape our habits. From large scale issues such as business structure, to small but crucial habits such as customer greeting, our whole business system is now operating with one purpose.

Ed Smith, Jewson Business Development Director, (Programme Leader)

We’re proud to have contributed to 6,000 Jewson colleagues focused on offering a superior experience for their local builder customers.

Mark Gregory, Programme Director, Unleash & Engage