As we expand our programmes in the Netherlands and add new members to our gang, the new office in Keizersgracht, Amsterdam is the next step forward and will be our base for mainland Europe operations.

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Over the course of a year, we worked with UK Building distribution giant Jewson to redesign their organisational system.  Starting with the Executive Team we reshaped their competitive strategy, focusing on a re-defined customer value proposition. 

With this new focus, we worked alongside front line leaders, functional experts and specialists from parent company, St Gobain, to design a comprehensive organisational system to deliver a market-leading customer experience.  This redesign aligned the structure, roles and capability of Jewson People, as well as the business’s policy and procedure, technology and infrastructure and most importantly the front line habits and behaviours; all in purpose of their strategy of customer intimacy.  We also worked with the leadership team to create a governance system through the business enabling them to prioritise key performance indicators that focused leadership attention from the boardroom to the local branches.  Through patiently engaging and involving a large group of colleagues, Jewson were able to pilot this new organisation design in four pilot ‘branch clusters’ allowing the design to be finally iterated in advance of a national roll out to their national local business network. 

Ed Smith, the Jewson Business Development Director, and programme lead said ‘Unleash & Engage have helped us to make clear strategic choices in our business strategy, and have worked with us to reshape our business in support of its delivery.  Their expertise in engagement has helped us reshape their habits, meaning that from large scale issues such as business structure to small but crucial habits such as customer greeting our whole business system is now operating with one purpose’

We are proud to have contributed to 6,000 Jewson colleagues focused on offering a superior experience for their local builder customers. 

“Unleash & Engage really helped us to unleash the potential in our great team.  The approach taken has received fantastic feedback, the teachers feel it’s theirs because it is.  This approach is different to how the archdiocese has previously worked with other consultancies and shall be the approach taken for all future work.

The time we had with Unleash & Engage was highly productive and most importantly we’re confident that the work we did together will be sustained by the considerable number of stakeholders we developed during the process and their belief and trust in the new framework. I would highly recommend Unleash & Engage.”

Tim Warren, Director of Education, Archdiocese of Liverpool Primary School Improvement Trust (ALPSIT).


The brief

The Archdiocese of Liverpool Primary School Improvement Trust (ALPSIT) wanted to support the development of teaching talent throughout their 185 primary schools, to increase teacher retention levels and develop more Head Teachers from within.


The starting point

Every Head Teacher and school worked in isolation, so teachers were being measured & developed very differently across the Archdiocese.

Identifying aspiring Head Teacher’s to take on new positions was difficult across the region with very few applications from within.


What we did

Inspired Head Teachers to join a working group to create a systematic, transparent framework to help develop employees at all levels.

Facilitated the working group to undertake a peer review to refine the framework and encourage contribution.

Supported Head Teachers to launch new Talent Development Framework to 185 primary schools and provide coaching support as the framework is implemented in schools.


The results

The Talent Development Framework is now in place for all Primary Schools in the Archdiocese and the working group are providing support and coaching to other Head Teachers to help them use it well.


The legacy

A way of nurturing talent at all levels is now available across the archdiocese providing a transparent path for all teachers to develop their careers both within a school and across the archdiocese.

Support, performance feedback and coaching are in place through the framework for those aspiring to become Head Teachers within the archdiocese.

There is no magic wand or quick fix for Operational Excellence, nor can somebody else put in the hard miles for you and hand you it on a plate.  What we have managed to do at Unleash & Engage is distil the very essence of Operational Excellence, built a 12-week deployment model around this, followed by a three-month sustainment phase where the new habits are embedded as being ‘the way we do things around here’

12 Steps to Achieving Sustainable Operational Excellence.

Our Sustainable Operational Excellence model consists of 12 steps in 12 weeks and is guaranteed to deliver a 20% productivity improvement. 

The main benefit we see when we work with teams is that the level of engagement goes through the roof when people are unleashed from the box that the organisation has put them in (whether intentionally or not).  This is the most satisfying part of our work and the reason why we do what we do.

Once we reach the targets that we agree at the outset, we don’t stop making progress. In our most recent engagement with a large multinational company, we achieved more than double our target levels of improvement – measured during weeks 8 – 12 of the engagement.  One of the client team members said “I’ve been involved in LEAN projects and other improvement stuff, but this is the first time I’ve seen something that’s truly transformational.  What we’ve achieved in such a short amount of time is amazing”.

Our approach contains a number of simple tools, which when combined with leadership coaching, and deployed in just the right way, produces really amazing results.  We have made it successful in project teams, transactional functions, finance teams, sales teams, white collar, blue collar, distributed teams and design teams.

None of the steps are scary and taken in isolation, they can even appear trivial. However, when built together, with the involvement of the team, and the time and commitment from the front-line Manager, the results can be truly staggering. Find out more cContact Unleash & Engage.

Working with Senior Leadership Team for Europe, developed lean knowledge and expertise in support of a major construction programme.

Working collaboratively with ARCADIS we supported the development of their understanding of lean for construction, helping them deliver an approach for the benefit of their and their client’s business.

Our work involved the development of a lean construction framework that helped them both understand the concepts of lean and apply those concepts in support of client tender requirements.




Our exciting journey with Horizon Platforms was a great success, the work we did is explained below; the transformational result was that through this work Horizon developed a capability for sustainable operational excellence. Their success continues and at its heart is a powerful image of the future, a truly engaged team and from this customer service excellence and business growth.

In a nutshell, our work with Horizon Platforms included:

Vision Development

Working with the Senior Management Team. Using the Unleash & Engage Visioning Framework, we led the team through a vision development process to generate a powerful image of the future for Horizon.

Scorecard Development

Working with the Management Board, we trained the concepts of Hoshin Kanri (policy deployment) methodologies. Post training, we supported the implementation and deployment of a balanced scorecard, creating clear business objectives and accountability.

Development of Lean Manufacturing Facility

Using the Unleash & Engage New Product Introduction (NPI) Model, we worked with Horizon’s facilities team to develop the Greenfield Service Manufacturing Facility.

Lean Training

Working across the entire enterprise with various functions, establishing and implementing a Lean Tools Training Programme. Developing a foundation of lean knowledge upon which the organisation can grow.

Lean Enterprise Diagnostic

Using the Unleash & Engage Lean Enterprise Diagnostic, we undertook enterprise-wide assessments of the organisation, creating a current state view of the enterprise’s lean maturity.



Gibbs & Dandy approached Unleash & Engage founder, Mark Gregory; a leading thinker on Sustainable Operational Excellence and an experienced practitioner of Lean, to speak about Transformational Change in Real Life.

Mark gave a keynote presentation to the Gibbs & Dandy team sharing practical insights on leading transformational change.  Focusing on Difference, Logic & Emotion, Involvement, Engaging & Communicating, creating new Sustainable Habits and dealing with Loneliness.

When Mark talks about transformational change it doesn’t follow the usual leadership textbook, but instead he brings to life for the audience the Unleash & Engage proven approach to achieving real sustainable change and operational excellence and shows how this approach can be applied in both your work and personal life.  To find out more contact Mark Gregory

So, you can read the book, which we highly recommend, but then once you’ve done that you’ll realise getting a large team of people to follow it is another matter.   Part of our work with Marshall, focused on the delivery of a 7 Habits of Highly Effective People programme across their entire Senior Management team.

We delivered the Franklin Covey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Signature Programme to the team and gave every individual in the team the knowledge and tools they need to become highly effective in their organisation.

This approach meant that every leader underwent the programme at the same time and helped each other when implementing the changes in behaviours and habits – an enjoyable programme and a great success for the team.



Working with the Management Board at BAE Systems – Aircraft Manufacturing. The Unleash & Engage team used the Visioning Framework to lead the board and senior managers through a vision development process to generate a powerful image of the future.

This unique Visioning Framework includes a four-stage process; Prepare, Develop, Create and Acquire to embed the new Vision across all functions as a key initial part of achieving sustainable operational excellence. As part of this, we also worked with the Communications team developing approaches to achieve engagement through the use of innovative engagement aids.

Following this, we worked with the Senior Leadership Team from the Military Air and Information Group developing a strategic approach for the implementation of an enterprise-wide lean transformation.


Using Unleash & Engage’s expertise in business transformation and change in partnership with the Academy of Service Excellence, we designed and delivered the “Create Amazing” programme for automotive manufacturer Lexus.

This unique customer service programme focused on great service excellence and how to invoke and manage a change in service levels across Lexus Sales Centres.

To find out more about our unique approach to Customer Service Excellence contact Alex

Read more about Lexus here.