Working with Senior Leadership Team for Europe, developed lean knowledge and expertise in support of a major construction programme.

Working collaboratively with ARCADIS we supported the development of their understanding of lean for construction, helping them deliver an approach for the benefit of their and their client’s business.

Our work involved the development of a lean construction framework that helped them both understand the concepts of lean and apply those concepts in support of client tender requirements.




Our exciting journey with Horizon Platforms was a great success, the work we did is explained below; the transformational result was that through this work Horizon developed a capability for sustainable operational excellence. Their success continues and at its heart is a powerful image of the future, a truly engaged team and from this customer service excellence and business growth.

In a nutshell, our work with Horizon Platforms included:

Vision Development

Working with the Senior Management Team. Using the Unleash & Engage Visioning Framework, we led the team through a vision development process to generate a powerful image of the future for Horizon.

Scorecard Development

Working with the Management Board, we trained the concepts of Hoshin Kanri (policy deployment) methodologies. Post training, we supported the implementation and deployment of a balanced scorecard, creating clear business objectives and accountability.

Development of Lean Manufacturing Facility

Using the Unleash & Engage New Product Introduction (NPI) Model, we worked with Horizon’s facilities team to develop the Greenfield Service Manufacturing Facility.

Lean Training

Working across the entire enterprise with various functions, establishing and implementing a Lean Tools Training Programme. Developing a foundation of lean knowledge upon which the organisation can grow.

Lean Enterprise Diagnostic

Using the Unleash & Engage Lean Enterprise Diagnostic, we undertook enterprise-wide assessments of the organisation, creating a current state view of the enterprise’s lean maturity.



Gibbs & Dandy approached Unleash & Engage founder, Mark Gregory; a leading thinker on Sustainable Operational Excellence and an experienced practitioner of Lean, to speak about Transformational Change in Real Life.

Mark gave a keynote presentation to the Gibbs & Dandy team sharing practical insights on leading transformational change.  Focusing on Difference, Logic & Emotion, Involvement, Engaging & Communicating, creating new Sustainable Habits and dealing with Loneliness.

When Mark talks about transformational change it doesn’t follow the usual leadership textbook, but instead he brings to life for the audience the Unleash & Engage proven approach to achieving real sustainable change and operational excellence and shows how this approach can be applied in both your work and personal life.  To find out more contact Mark Gregory