Article by Mark Gregory:

Webinar’s have become increasingly popular mediums for training but whenever I have attended a webinar I have left disappointed. I don’t seem to find it as easy to connect to the presenter (or perhaps their style does not suit) and the material never leaves a lasting impression. This is why when looking at online training we wanted to do something a bit different.

Unleash & Engage have teamed up with GLOE (Great Live Online Events) to create the Unleash & Engage Academy. The academy is part of the Unleash & Engage Technologies portfolio and will provide an online training platform for organizations and individuals to learn about employee engagement, lean and leadership techniques the Unleash & Engage way.

But how do our sessions differ from standard webinars?

  • Engagement – As you would expect from us, engagement is at the forefront of training. We ensure there is as much interaction and engagement as much as possible through the live online events. We have breakout rooms, polls, debates, all geared towards
  • Teamwork – Our online events always involve you, a host and a presenter so there are a number of people bouncing off each other with loads of interesting content shared.
  • Focus – All our programs are geared to achieve results and in that we know that watching the program is not enough. As well as participating in the modules, you will also be given activities and homework mid and post program to ensure you keep what you have learnt at the forefront.
  • Review – Once you have completed a session of your program you will have unlimited access to the recording and support material at our academy so you always have a reference point.

So why not join our webinar revolution! You can find out more about the Unleash & Engage Academy here.

Our next open program is ‘The Power of the A3’, watch this space for more details!