The Government have set a target of providing one million new homes by 2020 (according to the Sunday Telegraph) and have indicated that there is a key role for new ‘prefabricated’ homes. Having worked with a Modular Housing company for the past year (Prime Structures), we have been in a unique position to understand and see the benefits of this type of housing infrastructure.

We have been helping Prime Structures to ‘productionise’ the process of building modular houses. We have already achieved the key benefit of reducing the lead time of building a house from over 60 days to less than the target time of 20 days, capturing both the Work Standards and identifying further improvement opportunities to refine the offering more. As you would expect, with such a vastly reduced build time there is a faster completion and reduced waste, meaning savings in money and time. That is not the only benefit of modular housing though.

Benefits of Going Modular

The Sunday Telegraph quoted a Government source as saying: “The first and most obvious advantage is speeding up the building of housing. There is pretty good evidence that if you did it at scale it is cheaper.”

There are a number of key benefits to the Government in choosing to go modular:

1, More Energy Efficient – Tighter homes, less air infiltration and advanced energy efficiency.

2, Stronger Homes – 20% more material in modular constructions

3, Cost – The manufacture cost less than standard housing.

4, Better Quality Construction – due to being factory built, as opposed to on-site, with more access to better tools.

5, No Weather Problems – Built in a factory so no weather delays or damage caused by adverse weather conditions.

6, A Guaranteed Price – With there being no delays, a price can be guaranteed at the start of a project.

7, Shorter Build Time – Reduced waste and faster completion, can be ready in 15 days.

The Future of Housing in Britain

With the Government pledging a £3bn Home Building Fund and an initial 25,000 new homes to be built, there clearly needs to be a shift in thinking. With modular houses being environmentally friendly, cheap and now being produced to a clearly high standard, modular or ‘prefabricated’ housing really is a genuine long-term solution.