Using Unleash & Engage’s expertise in business transformation and change in partnership with the Academy of Service Excellence, we designed and delivered the “Create Amazing” programme for automotive manufacturer Lexus.

This unique customer service programme focused on great service excellence and how to invoke and manage a change in service levels across Lexus Sales Centres.

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A leading thinker and practitioner of Lean, Lexus approached Unleash & Engage founder; Mark Gregory to speak about Transformational Change in Real Life.

Mark presented to the Sales & Marketing teams from Lexus giving practical insights on leading transformational change.  Focusing on Difference, Logic & Emotion, Involvement, Engaging & Communicating, creating new sustainable habits and dealing with loneliness.

So, you can see when Mark talks about transformational change it doesn’t follow the usual leadership textbook, but instead the Unleash & Engage proven approach to achieving real sustainable change and operational excellence and how this approach can be applied in your work and personal life.  To find out more contact Mark Gregory

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