MWBrands was set up in 2006 when H.J. Heinz sold its European Seafood Business and is now one of the leading ambient seafood businesses in Europe selling products mainly in the UK, France, Italy, Ireland and the Netherlands. Brands include John West, Mareblu, Hyacinthe Parmentier and Petit Navire.

Our work with MWBrands started initially working with the main board, designing, developing and delivering a powerful Vision for MW Brands.  Using the Unleash & Engage Visioning Framework, we led the team through a vision development process to generate a powerful image of the future of the group. Using our four-stage process; ‘Prepare, Develop, Create and Acquire.’  As a result of the success of this work we then rolled-out the Visioning Framework for brands John West, Mareblu, Parmentier and Petit Navire.

A leading speaker on Sustainable Operational Excellence, Mark Gregory presented to the Warburtons Annual Leadership Lunch & Awards Ceremony on Leadership & Engagement.  Sharing practical approaches to leadership for employee engagement.  Focusing on Difference, Logic & Emotion and Involvement.

When Mark talks about transformational change it doesn’t follow the usual leadership textbook but instead the Unleash & Engage proven approach to achieving real sustainable change and operational excellence and how this approach can be applied in your work and personal life.  To find out more contact Mark Gregory