It is perhaps not the context that inspired the Beatles classic but in employee engagement, it really is all you need (well sort of)…

Article by Mark Gregory:

I was reading a really interesting and fantastically challenging article on the Forbes website recently. The article was written by a business transformation expert called Ann Latham and was entitled ’10 Reasons Your Employee Engagement Program is Hurting Your Company’. Ann goes on to explain within the article her belief that employee engagement programs are bad for business, a waste of time and drain on money. She makes some interesting and very valid points about employee engagement surveys not delivering success, however, I have to disagree with the principle argument of her article. It is not employee engagement programs that are hurting business as businesses need a framework to move their levels of maturity around this topic, it is BAD employee engagement programs. We would say that, having delivered hugely successful programs.

This is where Lennon and McCartney come in (well sort of)…

As you may or may not know, we have worked with a range of companies over a number of years, from global super brands such as Toyota to incredible medium-sized business like Datum Monitoring. Using our training and wealth of experience, we have been able to develop our own employee engagement process – the LOVE Model. We want people to say I love my job, my work, my company, my boss and I LOVE ME…

We work with the companies to look at each element of the model:

L is for Leadership – We work with you to gain a thorough understanding of the leadership and how it can be engaging. People leave bosses first and organisations second.

O is for Opinion – We look at how valued peoples opinions are and how the organisation effectively hears them. We all have an innate desire to be heard.

V is for Vision – We look at what the journey so far and what future has in store for the company and how involved team members feel in shaping that future. People protect what they build.

E is for Environment – We look at the living values and internal factors that shape engagement. Are we who we say we are?

Our understanding of each individual element comes from a number of areas, including employee engagement survey techniques. However, as Ann Latham points out, this on its own will not power change. The right questions need to be asked to the right people to ensure that we can gain enough true statistical analysis to make key recommendations. We learn and value everyone’s opinion, then use the information to help create a strategy that will shape the cultural foundation of the business.

Employee engagement is an all-inclusive process it has to be and if you want real, lasting results, it has to be done with love in mind.

If you want to know more about our LOVE Model you can contact us here for an informal chat.

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‘How was work today?’ One of the most common questions asked when someone arrives back home in the evening. Your staff will naturally be talking honestly and openly about work to their friends and family, maybe even their co-workers but do they talk honestly to you?

The answer is no doubt something close to ‘probably not’. There are many barriers that will prevent a true, mutual trust conversation between you and your team. So how do you get the real answers?

Our employee engagement programs are a great way of understanding your teams real thoughts and opinions. We have now taken this one step further in developing the revolutionary new conversation generating StaffTalk365.

StaffTalk365 is a smart phone and tablet application that your team members download on to their devices. The app is easy to navigate and hugely engaging, without being intrusive. Staff can respond to a series of simple of questions with their responses being presented back in real-time, 24/7, through an engaging easily digestible charts and figures that you can view at anytime. The data is anonymous to protect the team members but it gives you an amazingly powerful insight in to how your team are feeling, how they managing situations, etc. You can then use this information to enhance the work experience or change your strategy.

StaffTalk365 has a huge range of benefits that will make a game changer for any business looking to truly understand its employees.

We are currently offering a free StaffTalk365consultation to any company interested in developing their employee engagement. If you are interested in finding out more, contact Mark on 07793 422 438.