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Unleash & Engage is a global consultancy. We operate across the EMEA region from a UK office and across the USA from our Virginia office.

The real story on ‘Lean’ for Airbus

Founder of Unleash & Engage Mark Gregory has extensive experience of transformational change, developing his early career at Toyota; often considered the leading exemplar of ‘Lean’ in the world. Participating in their renown Lean Philosophy programme in Japan, Mark then went on to develop his career at BAE Systems before establishing Unleash & Engage.  He is regularly asked to provide Keynote presentations on Transformational Change and for Airbus he gave a pre-dinner motivational speech about ‘How to Achieve Transformational Change in Real Life’.

When Mark talks about transformation it’s always a great success and through his presentation he covers:

Mark will tell you that so many of the articles you read about ‘Lean’ are in the main incomplete in understanding and don’t reflect the undeniably successful Toyota approach to Lean, which at its heart centres on engagement not just process. If you want the real story on Lean and how this approach is part of achieving transformational change in real life and sustainable operational excellence in business, please contact Mark Gregory.