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Unleash & Engage is a global consultancy. We operate across the EMEA region from a UK office and across the USA from our Virginia office.

Judith Kay,
People & Communications Manager

I’m a people person, I truly believe that when people feel supported they respond to challenges positively. Colleagues describe me as being approachable, engaging and always being supportive to help get the job done and deliver excellent results. I really enjoy seeing things all the way through from concept to completion: meeting coaches as they join the U&E gang, and supporting the onboarding process all the way through to programme delivery.


Judith progressed through Ford Motor Company developing a broad range of experience including a wide variety of recruitment and selection processes, payroll management and internal audit control. Receiving a Global Diversity Leadership Award in 2018 for introducing a flexible working arrangements policy into a manufacturing environment.


  • Strong people skills: with a keen focus on motivation, committed to empowering and supporting the team, driving continuous improvement.
  • Good listening skills: breaking down issues into smaller deliverables, converting big picture stuff into clear team direction, maintaining momentum.
  • Professional and dedicated: delivering schedules on time and to the highest quality.
  • Change Management: understanding and monitoring directives, adapting and changing strategy and direction accordingly.
  • Planning; a detailed strategic planner for short, medium and long term solutions, reacting quickly, ensuring optimum solutions are implemented.

People won’t remember what you said, people won’t remember what you did, but people will always remember how you made them feel.


Ford Motor Company Ltd: HR Department (33 years)


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