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Unleash & Engage is a global consultancy. We operate across the EMEA region from a UK office and across the USA from our Virginia office.

Working with National Instruments

A bit more information is shown below.  However, we can arrange for you to speak directly to National Instruments, who can share more information and explain the successes they are achieving and sustainable improvements. Contact Mark to discuss 07793 422 438.

Our work with National Instruments started with the design, development and delivery of a Vision for the Future, working with the European Management Board, leading the team through a vision development process to prepare, generate, engage & embed a powerful image of the future.

Delivery of a Lean Awareness Educational Programme followed and was delivered extensively across Sales, Marketing, Finance, Administrative Operations and Human Resources, including the European board and all European management levels.

Working with the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for EMEIA and their Management Board we then designed and delivered a series of workshops in support of the introduction and establishment of the balance scorecard approach for EMEIA.

Working with the Director of Operations for Europe, then followed a series of bespoke process improvement workshops focusing on:

Working with the Director of HR for Europe, we developed a future vision for HR moving from transactional activity to strategic. Using our four-stage PDCA process; ‘Prepare, Develop, Create, Aquire.  Educating and coaching the team to generate a series of strategic A3s (the Unleash & Engage Ltd, Power of A3 Programme) forming the basis of the communication strategy for the European HR function, which leaves the team with sustainable improvements in use today.

Contact Mark to discuss 07793 422 438.