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Unleash & Engage is a global consultancy. We operate across the EMEA region from a UK office and across the USA from our Virginia office.

How many times have you tried business transformation?

There are so many failed attempts and so many leaders and consultancies chasing the wrong thing. Unleash & Engage work with big businesses, breaking the normal transformation cycle.  In quick time, through intensity and frequency, we move leadership from a current set of habits to a sustainable set of habits which engender high levels of engagement and Sustainable Operational Excellence (SOE®).

When you see this in action you see:

  • Workplaces where you can’t spot the leader – because everyone believes and takes accountability.
  • Leaders that switch from talking 80% of the time to listening 80% of the time.
  • Teams owning their new habits, knowing they can control their own success, supporting each other.
  • Increased and sustainable productivity.


Similar ingredients, different method:

Some of the things we do sound similar to other consultancies, but the way we do them is very different – you only have to meet one of our gang of coaches or speak to one of our customers to understand what real sustained transformation looks and feels like.

Do you think your next business transformation project will work? 

If your answer is not a definite yes, then it probably won’t, and hiring a consultancy to do a version of what you’ve previously tried (even though it’s in a different wrapper) won’t work either.

Our 12 steps to Sustainable Operational Excellence show’s you there’s a better approach that works.


Are we right for each other?

We value working with all our clients, but first, we agree if we are right for each other. We never shy away from stuff that’s failed previously, but we only choose transformation programmes where we both believe success is inevitable, that way we are both invested.

If you want to find out more about what SOE® really looks like, get in touch.

Why do we do it?

We were once leaders in large organisations trying different approaches to make big changes. We chose, based on extensive research and proven methodologies, to put beliefs and habits first, and we achieved unrivalled engagement and Sustainable Operational Excellence. This approach now forms the basis of all our work. It’s great seeing the results businesses want, but our coaches most enjoy seeing teams start to ‘get it’. Once the penny drops, we know engagement and productivity will soar, leaving behind a legacy the U&E team and our clients can all be proud of.

Mark is one of the most experienced and skilful organisational performance improvement people I know. His approach is based on many years of experience using the proven tools and techniques of change in large complex organisations. But he also adds another vital ingredient. That is the understanding that success primarily depends on people and culture. He is therefore highly skilled at helping you create the kind of organisational culture that will ensure that any new tools and techniques will deliver worthwhile sustainable success.

Chris Daffy, Customer Loyalty Guru, The Academy of Service Excellence

Unleash & Engage have helped us make clear strategic choices in our business strategy and worked with us to reshape our business in support of its delivery. Their expertise in engagement helped us reshape our habits, meaning that from large scale issues such as business structure, to small but crucial habits such as customer greeting our whole business system is now operating with one purpose


Being authentic and credible are the main characteristics I look for when partnering with companies and individuals. Unleash & Engage have this in abundance due to Mark Gregory’s second to none inspirational experience from the senior positions held in industry.

Trevor R. Leeks, Operations Director, Engine Manufacturing Centre UK, Jaguar Land Rover

Unleash & Engage has provided support to a number of core activities for National Instruments in the last 2 years. Principally in the realms of Lean teaching and mentorship but also Strategic Leadership and Vision. Although there are other consultants out there, their unique blend of questioning, gaining understanding, being able to hone in on the specific issues and clarity of thought and articulation make Unleash & Engage second to none in my opinion. I have a very high regard for the style and approach they use and would not hesitate to recommend Unleash & Engage to anyone.

Cate Prescott, VP Global HR, National Instruments

Mark provides common sense, pragmatic guidance, often providing examples drawn from his extensive experience in other countries, functions and companies. He quickly gains the respect of the people he coaches because he always respects their abilities, experience and domain knowledge.
In business improvement he is a ‘dai-sensei’.

Bernard Auton, European Operations, National Instruments

Mark’s diagrams and doodles were always helpful and very often got to the heart of an issue that had eluded us. I found myself re-using his diagrams in subsequent training, as I found it so helpful in explaining a point.
We were always challenged and sometimes, as a result of Mark’s timely intervention, realised we were wrong in our approach.

Pat Mullen, Senior Finance Manager, National Instruments

Mark is our trusted advisor on all things lean, inspirational! In particular, I have been absolutely delighted by the results of ‘The Power of the A3’ programme, it has helped the business tremendously, thanks as always Mark!

Cate Prescott, VP Global HR, National Instruments

The breadth and depth of Mark’s Lean Systems and Leadership development expertise has proved invaluable during the development of our JLR Powertrain Operational Excellence Strategy.

Nigel Blenkinsop, Group Director, Powertrain Operations